Kratom Extract

Discover The Uses Of Kratom

Kratom Extract


What is Kratom Extract?

     Kratom Extract is harvested from the mitragyna speciosa plant, which grows mainly in Southeast Asia. Leaves from the tree are dehydrated until the moisture evaporates. Most extracts come in the form of a liquid, resin or oil. Historically, Kratom was called the "poor man's marajuana". Thai field workers working long hourswould chew the leaves to help relieve pain and elevate their mood. Kratom was also used to treat opioid addiction as it is largely considered to be safe and non-addictive.


Uses for Kratom Extract

     Depending on the strain, the effects of Kratom extract can very. The most common effects are calmness, mood elevation, stimulation, pain relief, and relaxation. Many people say that kratom extracts can greatly aid those with arthritis and help to treat opioid addiction, but it is also used recreationally. It is important to research the proper strain and intensity that best suits your needs. Kratom extract can be consumed in a number of ways, but is most typically mixed with water or other liquids and drank. It can also be mixed into food or boiled into a tea. Users report that the flavor is similar to that of a strong green tea. The effects vary from user to user but often times a person can feel effects from even a very small dose of the extract. A higher dose can cause users to enter a sedated state of euphoria.


Risks of Kratom Extract

     Though Kratom is reportedly non-addictive, it can create withdrawal like side effects with continued use. In addition, a large or intensely concentrated dose can cause users to experience nervousness, nausea, and sweating. Though it can be extremely beneficial, it is important to research and dose Kratom extract cautiously.